Blind Warrior Mark II Katana and Tanto from Last Legend Competition Blades

blind warrior katana sword from last legend.

From Last Legend comes a vast improvement on an old legend

The Blind Warrior Mark II Katana and Tanto from Last Legend

In answer to customer requests, Last Legend has created a katana with a fully tempered blade disguised as a simple walking stick. That was only the first part of the requests; what the customers really wanted was a walking stick built to Last Legend standards, and here it is.

So what made the Blind Warrior better than its competition before, and even more so with the Mark 2?

Let's run down a list:

1. As you know, when Last Legend says "full-tang" they don't mean a thin threaded rod (which in itself would be an improvement over other walking sticks). The blade is 27" long, but the full blade material is 38" long; which translates into 11" of steel used as a tang.

2. One of the big complaints from customers has been handles cracking and breaking, resulting in blade separation when something is struck with competitors’ swords. To cure this problem, Last Legend has not only surrounded the blade with black hardwood, but it is also the only cane sword that is Double handle-tang pinned (hidden by the second and third steel bands) and epoxied. Additionally, what appears to be decorative banding surrounding the hardwood is, in actuality, steel reinforcing bands for the handle and saya.

3. Handled the competition, and worried about it slipping out of your hand and ending up with a hand full of sharp blade? Last Legend thought about that. That’s why the Bland Warrior is completely covered in leather for grip retention .

4. Because of the weight of the full tang in the handle, this sword has amazing balance (balance point is 2.5” down the blade from the handle), similar to a high priced competition katana, and unknown in any similar swords. Versus competitors with a balance point at 9.5” from the handle.

5. The blade on this sword is made of a modified 1060 carbon steel. Last Legend has extreme confidence in this blade because it is made from the same steel, and forged similarly to, the blade on their Skofnung Battle Sword. Although the sword was not intended for Goza cutting, being the rascals we are, we had to see if it would cut through a Goza. So, following the required preparation, we faced off with our opponent. If you've ever cut Goza you know the delightful feeling of seeing the part of the Goza that was just severed fall to the ground, and the Blind Warrior accomplished this with a diagonal cut; the only walking stick sword we have ever seen capable of performing this feat and still remaining intact. Although Last Legend does not condone Goza cutting with this sword, we just had to find out if it could, because if it can accomplish that, it can surely handle any light duty work you may have in mind.

the last legend blind warrior katana sword.

6. The entire sword is handmade, forged, and tempered. In addition, the blade is hand polished to a high finish.
The 14" matching tanto is constructed using the same rugged specifications, including the full-handle tang and steel reinforcing bands.

The sword and tanto are constructed so that the third steel band conceals the handle-saya joint.

Sword Dimensions: Blade 27" • Handle 12 1/2" • Overall 39 1/2" (out of says) • Overall 41" (in saya).

Tanto Dimensions: Blade 9" • Overall 14" • Weight 1100 gm

last legend blind warrior katana sword and tanto

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